Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Horn Section


Glen Marhevka has been the featured trumpet soloist for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy for over 20 years and helped bring together several of the band's members as the group was forming. Glen has spearheaded the band’s educational outreach, promoting music education and excellence in schools across the country.


Together with his bandmates of over twenty-two years, Andy Rowley is one of the founding members of the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy horn section. Switching between his baritone saxophone and singing backup vocals, Andy has helped bring the band’s unique sound to audiences around the globe


Alex (Crazy legs) Henderson has been Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's trombonist since 2001. His energy on stage and comedic flare wows audiences everywhere.


Featured soloist Karl Hunter has played an array of saxophones and clarinets for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.. A driven musician and restless explorer of rhythm and sound, Karl’s onstage improvisations add intensity and raw power to the band's sound.


Mitchell Cooper, trumpet, is the newest member of the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy horn section.